Outdoor Activities

We investigate the momentum that will provide the maximum benefit to the promotion of the companies we work with and their mission, and we are passionate about their projects.

In order to communicate the message of the brand with its Art Assisted Ambient activities, it is possible to carry out the installation, performance, artistic activities.

Billboard: Outdoor; standard, mobile and multi billboard usage.

Racket: Shopping centers, airports, etc. in outdoor areas; standard and movable racket use.

Megaboard / Megalight: Outdoor; standard and mobile megaboard / megalight usage.

Vehicle Dressing: Works carried out on public transport vehicles, trains, wagons, trams, airplanes, ships / ferrys, vehicle fleets, transport vehicles, taxis, special transfer vehicles and similar vehicles.

Bus Stop Applications at bus stops.

Indoor / In-Store Branded for indoor use; posters, visual materials, stand, department, floor graph and so on.

Digital Outdoor Exercises: Digital panellas, LCD screens with moving images, digital billboards with moving visuals, digital interactive posters, and all outdoor applications where digital features are used.